Renee Pettit

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About Renee Pettit

Originally from Perth, Australia and living in Bali since October 2012, Renee has over 18 years experience in the fashion industry. Renee’s passion for makeup began during her career as a fashion model

Learning tips and tricks, with hands on learning from personal experiences and finally receiving formal training, Renee specializes in Wedding, Fashion, Beauty and Special Occasion makeup.

Combining her expert knowledge with your inspirations proves Renee’s versatility and professionalism is bound to achieve a look that complements the individual and highlights the natural beauty of her clients.

** Minimum booking of 2 people applies, please also refer to travel charges when booking


One of the big questions I get asked is “How will the makeup stay on if its humid and I’m sweating?”


Bali is a humid tropical climate. The wet season has of course more cloud coverage and humidity than the dry season, so if you are getting married in the wet season or a month or so around the wet season, you will have to expect a higher amount of humidity, thus, more sweating.

I receive great testimonials regarding the longevity of my makeup, but it also depends on what you do after the makeup is applied. I analyse your skin and use a primer accordingly to assist in the longevity, I also use a primer for the eyes and waterproof mascara.


You and your bridal party will be expected to be having hair and makeup done in an air conditioned room and then to minimise time spent outdoors once the makeup and hair is finished until the ceremony begins. If you or any of your bridal party tend to get emotional, you’re expected to wrap a tissue around one finger and lightly pat your eyes. Any rubbing will remove makeup.


Alcohol also increases the body temperature, so if anyone runs particularly hot, I recommend alcohol intake to be at a minimum during makeup time.

Some mothers suffering from menopause and hot flushes may want to reconsider having makeup done because any profuse sweating can create an issue for the foundation to adhere to the skin.


I recommend to all my clients to have a mineral powder or blotting papers to use after the ceremony and then again after the photo shoot. I also recommend having a lip gloss or lipstick for touch-ups at those times also. Generally just prior to entering the reception would be the final touch up you do for yourself for the evening, as once the reception starts, you’ll be enjoying yourself and spending time with your family and friends that you won’t want to run off to the bathroom for touch ups all the time. Unless you have a medical condition for sweating, you won’t need to either.




We work on 45 min time intervals for hair and makeup: I will be bringing along my hairstylist and for larger bookings, my hair and makeup assistant.


I don’t stay around for touch up’s, I personally don’t offer a touch up service. If the bride insists on a touch up service, I can have my assistant and hair stylist stay for a makeup and hair change after the main photo shoot (for the bride only) Please inquire regarding pricing if you would like this service


This is an example schedule for 6 people based on a 4.30pm wedding:



Hair and makeup arrive at lobby – escorted to bride’s room – set up

Person 1 hair

Person 2 makeup with me

Person 3 makeup with assistant


Person 4 hair

Person 1 makeup with me

Person 3 hair with assistant


Bride hair

Person 4 makeup with me

Person 5 makeup with assistant

Bride makeup

Person 2 hair

Person 5 hair with assistant.

Bride services completed

Lip touch up for everyone else


Completion, hair and makeup pack up & depart.


The same timings pertain to a 4 person booking, but without my assistant.


Of course, schedules are subject to the brides timing, and the bride can choose if she wishes to be ready more than 45 min prior to ceremony time. Please note that we do not stay around until the ceremony time though. We depart after services are complete.



Hair and makeup trials are performed at my residence.

I recommend doing trials earlier in the day rather than later in the day, if it’s any later than 3pm the sun gets too low in the sky by the time we are coming to the end of the trial to send a good amount of natural light for you to see my work. I do not do trials after 4pm.

It’s a good idea to wear the makeup in some daylight hours due to the fact that you can see how it wears on your skin and still see in natural light what it looks like hours later.

I normally recommend trials to be in the morning or around lunch time so the bride will be done around an hour or so later and then she has the makeup on in daylight hours (which is when it will be on for the wedding) and then around 5pm can have a look before the sun sets in natural light and see how it’s wearing in the humidity/heat etc.

This feedback helps for the wedding day if I need more or less coverage & if I possibly have to alter your primer or not.

It’s really hard to tell later in the evening when you’re looking in hotel bathroom lighting, normally it’s overhead lighting and fairly dull so it’s not good for looking at makeup.



Deposits are non-refundable

I do not accept cancelations after a deposit is paid. If you book a service for someone who then decides to no longer receive services, or they can’t make it to Bali, the person can be replaced, but not cancelled. Anyone unsure is best left of the booking until completely sure. Ladies can be added (but not removed at a later date)

For large bookings I require a hair and makeup assistant.