Rain Stopper



Using meditation and prayer to communicate with spirits, who allegedly control the weather, and plates of fire whose rising smoke is thought to push clouds away, these shamans are paid hundreds of dollars a time to help ward off the rain at weddings, outdoor parties, golf tournaments and building sites — any event where clear skies are essential for success.

As a team of event experts we have seen success with rain stoppers over the years and so many venues, suppliers, friends and co workers recommend using one if you have a big event and there is a chance of rain.

Rain stoppers will need access to your event venue the day prior and on the day of event. Please provide contact in case required to gain access.

Please note rain stoppers work in certain regions, due to this the price does fluctuate depending on the area, please ensure you select or provide your event location.

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Terms and Conditions


  • 50% non refundable deposit due to lock in service
  • Balance due 30 days prior to wedding
  • While rain stoppers are highly recommended please note this is a spiritual service and not guaranteed. Refunds will not be offered in the event of rain.
  • Rain stoppers work on their own Balinese calendar and times and will do ceremony at time they see fit
If your location is not listed please leave in comments.
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