Festoon Lighting (Naked Globes)

From: Rp3,500,000

Festoon lights for events, weddings, birthdays and more!

If you are having a night time event you will need lighting! Our festoon lights are elegant and offer the perfect lighting for dinners and parties.


Sizing recommendations –

Small events up to 40 people for dinner – 200 Lights

Medium events 41-70 people for dinner – 300 Lights

Medium sized weddings to cover dinner and dance floor area / buffet up to 70 people – 400 Lights

Larger events 71-110 People including dance floor 500 Lights –

Large Gala dinners and Corporate events 110-200 People 800 Lights

Large Gala dinners and Corporate events 200-500 People 1200 Lights

Very Large Gala dinners and Corporate events 500-1000 People 2500 Lights


Please note our team use poles and existing infrastructure (trees, buildings etc) to string and hang lights. Please check this is ok with your venue. Some venues require rigging and infrastructure. If required please let our team know for a custom quote.


Terms and Conditions

  • 50% Non refundable deposit required to secure booking
  • Final payment due in full 30 days prior to wedding / event date (non refundable)
  • Bookings are until maximum midnight of booking day, rate of 200,000 per hour applies after midnight
  • Please advise of placement of lighting and shape (straight lines / zigzag etc)
  • Please ensure you advise our team on the day of setup area.
  • Team is on standby incase of wet weather or rain