Plan my Event Bali was a 2 year dream by a Bali Based Wedding Planner – Tristan.

After planning and working at over 200 events and running a facebook group for Bali Brides to be, Tristan saw a pattern. Some people hired a wedding planner to help with everything, but some wanted to plan their own event and book all their own suppliers.

But there was a slight problem with that. Sure they can book the main items – Venue, Hair and Makeup, Photography, Maybe even catering.

But how did they book other essential items like dance floors? Lighting? Generators for power? These were common questions that came across many forums and groups, the main issue, these vendors most of the time do not speak English!

Then the questions came up – How can we make it easier for these independent clients to plan their own events? How can they manage the language barrier and get what they are looking for? How do we make sure they can do this without any issues?

There are currently a variety of Bali Wedding websites who list some suppliers, but at a charge to the supplier (advertising fee) So there are limited options on these as not many suppliers want to pay just to be on a website!

After asking questions on the facebook groups if people would pay for a concierge type service where people can plan their own events and have access to a database of EVERY supplier they need for any event the idea was born for Plan My Event Bali.

Over the next 18 months a lot of research and planning was done, content was gathered and put together. The biggest question now was how to make this experiance better?


Everyone loves getting a good deal, so we gathered the best deals, discounts and bonuses from venues, catering companies and more so that when clients book any of their event suppliers through Plan My Event Bali they get the best deal and freebies when booking multiple products through the site!

The best part? You don’t have to pay a thing to have access to all of these great deals! Thats right $0! At the start this was going to cost clients a fee to access but who wants to pay?

Bali Niksoma Wedding Setup

After realizing that some suppliers are paying large fees to feature on other Bali guides to be “promoted” we wanted to make something fair, all suppliers have a chance to get their name out there, promote their services, be found! Are you really getting the best supplier if you only have 5 to choose from instead of the 30 or more there are? No!

So we approached everyone and said we want to make this the best fair experience for the people.

Instead of them paying large fees to feature on our site with no guarantee of bookings, they pay a small fee for every booking we generate and they guarantee us the best possible deal for our clients.

And Plan My Event Bali was born.

So browse our venues, book our suppliers, use our live chat for any questions you may have and enjoy getting the best deals while planning your own event in Bali!

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